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Wireless Sports Bluetooth Earbuds (Big Horn)

Wireless Sports Bluetooth Earbuds (Big Horn)

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1: Bluetooth version 4.1

 2: distance within 10 meters

 3: Support devices, computers, mobile phones, game consoles, tablets, etc.

 4: Battery capacity 60MAH 

5: Do not support one drag 2 function 

6: Features, lightweight sports headphones 

7: Call function, click to listen to long press to refuse to listen, click to hang up during the call, double click the last number to broadcast. 

8: Support boot back function 

9: Working status is about 2 to 3 hours 

10: Support to play music, up and down songs, pause, volume addition and subtraction. 

 ★Color: (black) (red) (green) (blue) 


 Product specifications: 

 1, weight 45 grams 

 2: This Bluetooth noise reduction answering, support any key answering, effective connection with the smart phone, automatic matching connection program, charging to maintain the connection state. - Isolated voice, HD call: The sound frequency is recognized by the intelligent control chip, and the reverse signal is generated to filter out external noise (noise and wind) in the non-human frequency range. Enable HD calls in any noisy environment. Very beautiful sound quality gives you a different enjoyment!

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