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Yon Sub Swimming Speed Water Ski Shoes Non-slip Wear-resistant Water Ski Shoes

Yon Sub Swimming Speed Water Ski Shoes Non-slip Wear-resistant Water Ski Shoes

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Discover the ultimate water ski shoes for speed and durability with Yon Sub Swimming Speed Water Ski Shoes. The toe cap wrapping with urethane rubber offers maximum protection from injuries, while the 3MM diving fabric keeps your feet cool and comfortable. The adjustable mouth band and cross-spanning straps provide a secure fit for all foot types. Get ready to conquer the water with the wear-resistant rubber sole for excellent grip and cushioning. What are you waiting for? Come get your Water Ski Shoes today!!


1. Toe cap wrapping
The toe cap has been added with urethane rubber protection, Effectively prevent the toes from being injured,
2. 3MM diving fabric
The fabric is comfortable and soft, and the surface has Breathable vents, good Cooling effect
3. Shrink the mouth band
According to the actual situation, Adjust the tightness freely as you like.
4. Wear-resistant rubber sole
The sole is made of natural rubber, with clear lines, three-dimensional thick, Brings excellent grip and abrasion resistance, and has a cushioning function.
5. Cross-spanning straps
Suitable for all kinds of feet Firm and reliable, prevent falling off

Product information

Product name: Water ski rubber shoes
Product positioning: Water skiing / sailing / motor boat / rafting / diving
Shoe body material: Diving fabric
Sole material: Vulcanized rubber

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Package Content:

1* Non-slip wear-resistant water ski shoes

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